The cloud makes office IT run smoothly. The IRIS Cloud specialists make sure it stays that way.

How it Helps

The cloud provides an array of benefits to small businesses, with the two most significant being reduced hardware overhead and enhanced employee productivity.

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How it Works

Cost savings and operational efficiencies are possible because the cloud allows you to share software, data, and other computing resources over the internet.

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IRIS’ Cloud solutions for small- and mid-sized companies are comprehensive, and include the expertise required for a cloud migration and deployment.

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Services & Solutions

Whether your IT infrastructure serves a dental, healthcare, or commercial business, IRIS’ Cloud solutions are customizable to suit your organization’s needs. For a low, fixed monthly fee, your users will enjoy communicating and collaborating on a secure platform that’s always available. And we’ll be there to help you plan, deploy, and manage it.

Cloud for Medical & Dental

We specialize in optimizing dental and healthcare clinics’ billing systems, patient data, and compliance protocols.

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Cloud for Business

IRIS delivers an array of transformative features and benefits to companies in every professional industry.

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“High Touch” Cloud Integrations

Our “high touch” approach to planning, deploying, and managing the cloud leads to seamless integration of your systems.

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Feeling constrained by IT costs and complexities?

Your business will thrive with IRIS Cloud Solutions