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Fractional CIO Services

Many of our clients utilize IRIS’ fractional CIO services in the midst of organizational change. These services are provided by our experienced technicians on an hourly basis under a master service agreement. The scope and duration of Fractional CIO services are customized for each engagement.

M&A Diligence Assessments and Post Acquisition Integration

Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and medical groups often seek growth through acquisition. In any M&A transaction the buyer is assuming certain risks. Smart buyers rigorously investigate these risks to properly balance them against the expected level of investment return. In many cases, practices being considered for acquisition have technology risks that are understated or unknown. IRIS leverages our 25+ years of experience in dental and medical technology to identify and assess these risks. IRIS also provides a detailed remediation plan in accordance with HIPAA.

HIPAA / HITECH Compliance, including Site Risk Assessments and Remediation

HIPPA requires site risk assessments be performed periodically. No specific guidance on timing. HIPAA audits have increased exponentially over the past several years as can be witnessed via the federal government’s wall of shame. 2018 was an all-time record year in HIPAA enforcement activity, where 10 settled cases and one judgment totaled $28.7 million and surpassed the previous record year by 22 percent, including the single largest individual HIPAA settlement in history of $16 million (Source:

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"I couldn’t imagine not having IRIS Solutions for my IT. They are the most helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable team I have ever worked with...."
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"In case I don’t tell you guys enough, I really appreciate IRIS Solutions. It is rare to work with a company that never causes problems or issues from any aspect: support, sales, etc."
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