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    We’re excited for you to take this next step in ensure your practice technology performs at its maximum potential. Before we complete your subscriptions, there are a few key things for you to keep in mind. These points are intended to summarize the key points of your service plan.

    • Point 1 - Your plan comes with a 3-year standard term. To ensure you receive the very best services, your plan contains service level assurances (SLAs) on IRIS support response times.

    • Point 2 - Your plan is priced per device and is subject to change as the number of workstations, servers, or other network devices change.

    • Point 3 - Only Premier plans include unlimited live help desk support. All other plans include access to live help desk support on a discounted a la carte basis.

    • Point 4 - All plans include on-site preventative maintenance and IRIS’ initiated support. Installations, moves, adds, or changes initiated by the customer will be billed at IRIS standard hourly rates.

    I acknowledge that I have read and accept IRIS’ Standard Terms and Conditions.

    I agree to accept this plan and IRIS’ Standard Terms and Conditions by affixing my electronic signature below.