Congratulations on selecting IRIS as your new IT service provider! We’re excited to have this opportunity to support you and your business. At IRIS, we believe IT should be simple and should provide you with a competitive edge. Toward this end, we’re constantly innovating and testing new solutions for your benefit. One could say that we’re obsessed with delivering the very best IT experience to our customers.

Next Steps
Step 1: You will receive a copy of your service contract via email within the next 48-72 business hours. If for some reason you don’t, please call us at 704-523-8366

Step 2: The IRIS team will reach out to you within 48-72 business hours to schedule your welcome call and kick-off your on-boarding process.

Step 3: Your IT will be awesome!

My personal goal is to have our team delight you with every interaction. So, always feel free to contact me or any member of my team for assistance.


Reggie Stevens, CEO