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As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, our number one priority is to ensure your success. We help you navigate the entire suite of AWS cloud infrastructure services and establish a cutting-edge cloud strategy to get the most out of AWS for your business.

With broader and deeper functionality than other cloud providers, AWS offers features that help organizations maintain and strengthen competitive advantage and deliver superior value for customers by eliminating the constraints of legacy technology, particularly for Windows workloads.  


Modern Business Solutions

Disaster Recovery

AWS disaster recovery enables customers to mitigate and easily recover from disasters which could make critical business assets inaccessible.


AWS storage services provide organizations access to secure, cost-efficient storage options for production workloads.

Cyber Security

Comprehensive security controls, superior scaling visibility, and built-in automated security processes keep your environment safe and secure.

Cloud Migration

You can migrate any workload, application, website, database, server, and even entire data centers to AWS.

Flexible Work Stations

With AWS's easy to deploy modern remote desktop solution, your staff can securely work from anywhere, at any time.

Cost Efficiency

Pay-as-you-go pricing provides significant cost-savings because you only pay for resources you use.

"Whether it is malware/ransomware, storage issues, or merely the health of our current hardware, I truly feel like everyone at IRIS Solutions is working towards helping me and my practice stay ahead of potential problems."
-Dr. Jim Rokos, DDS

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