Advanced Endpoint Security Services


Actionable Endpoint Intelligence Managed by Security Operations Experts

Arctic Wolf Agent is lightweight software that installs on endpoints to collect actionable intelligence from your information technology (IT) environment. The agent is a unified endpoint technology that provides audit and alert telemetry for the threat detection and vulnerability management solutions that are monitored 24×7 by Arctic Wolf security operations experts. It enables real-time monitoring and continuous endpoint scanning to rapidly identify issues, contain threats, and eliminate vulnerabilities before they become larger problems.

Endpoint Threat Detection

Windows event log and sysmon event monitoring provide robust threat detection and monitor lateral movement

Actionable Endpoint Intelligence‚Äč

Delivers audit and alert information about your endpoints; continuously monitored by security operations experts

Advanced Asset Inventory

Profiles and classifies assets on your network to build a comprehensive inventory

Host-Based Vulnerability Testing

Monitors hardware, software, and registry configurations and changes to reveal risks only detectable through on-device observations

Security Controls Benchmarking

Benchmarks your risk profile against comprehensive configuration guidelines that include global security standards

Managed Containment

Blocks data exfiltration and the propagation of threats by enabling rules to prevent host devices from communicating externally, and with other devices on your networks